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Company Registration in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a special region of the People's Republic of China, one of the largest in Asia.
The name of Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor” because it has long been selling fragrant wood and incense here. Hong Kong gained sovereignty only in 1997, after 150 years of dependence.

Now Hong Kong is a free market area, low taxation and economic independence from the state. This is one of the largest ports in the world and the richest city in China.
There are no VAT and customs fees for import. Incomes received from Hong Kong sources are not taxable.
Since 1995, Hong Kong ranks first in the world for the index of economic freedom and in the report “economic freedom in the world.”
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the seventh largest stock exchange in the world with capitalization of about 3 trillion US dollars.
The service sector brings in more than 90 percent of GDP. In 2014, Hong Kong took the third place in the ranking on ease of doing business, the fifth in the ranking of the world's best tax systems.

There are some kinds of companies for doing business: public company limited by shares and private company limited by shares, company limited by guarantees, general partnership and limited partnership. But the most popular kind of company for investment and international business is a Private Limited Company.



$ 1099 
  • Company registration
  • Legal address for 1 year
  • Courier services
  • Stamp of the company
  • Annual renewal $1149From 2nd year


$ 1199 
  • Company registration
  • Legal address for 1 year
  • Courier services
  • Stamp of the company
  • Annual renewal $1149From 2nd year
  • Bank account 24 hours
  • Apostilling documents


$ 1949 
  • Company registration
  • Legal address for 1 year
  • Courier services
  • Stamp of the company
  • Annual renewal  $1649From 2nd year
  • Bank account 24 hours
  • Apostilling documents
  • Nominee director for 1 year
  • The Power of Attorney




Food & beverage Beverages and deserts from 1940.



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Clothing from 1980.



From 1998 Travel gear.



Forex Broker.



From 1998 Personal goods Direct sell consumer goods.

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Large financial center

Hong Kong is one of the largest financial centers in Asia and in the whole world. The best place for your business!

Advanced bank system

You have the opportunity to use a developed banking. There are representative offices of the world's largest banks.


Relations with China

HK has agreements signed with mainland China, one of which is the Agreement On Closer Economic Cooperation.

Trademark registration

Highly developed legislation in the field of intellectual property, and the opportunity to register a trademark.


High level trust

International companies of the People's Republic of China show a higher level of trust to companies registered in Hong Kong.

Quick registration

The registration term of the Hong Kong company takes less time, compared with the registration time of the Scottish partnership.

Confidential data

One more benefit is that, compared to Scotland, In Hong Kong there is no open access to the financial statements of the company.

Lower taxes

There is no VAT and capital gains tax. Also, the Profit Tax rate in Hong Kong is less by about five percent than in Scotland.


Austria, Belgium, Brunei, United Kingdom, Hungary, Vietnam, Guernsey, Jersey, Indonesia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Qatar, China, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Thailand, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, SOUTH AFRICA, Japan. 


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- Certificate of Incorporation
- Articles
- NNC1
- First Minutes
- Shares+resolution
- Company Seal
- Apostilles Set (Certificate of Incorporation, Articles, NNC1)

Additional documents for Nominee Service:

- Declaration of Trust for Shareholders
- Power of Attorney under apostille
- Resolution of Director(s) to Issue Power of Attorney
- Nominee Service Agreements

- Reporting requirement: Yes
- Open access to reporting: No
- Obligatory audit: No
- Request for the Annual Return: No
- Open access to the Annual Return: No
- Reporting requirement: Yes
- How many countries have signed the Agreement on Avoidance: 120
- Membership in OECD: Yes
- Is it considered offshore under the law of the Russian Federation: No

- Possibility of purchasing ready-made companies: Yes
- Law system: General right
- Turnkey registration of the company: 1 day
- Using Cyrillic in the title: No
- Local registered office: Yes
- Organizational and legal forms: private limited company (ltd), public limited company (plc), Limited liability partnership (LLP)
- Terms of registration of the company in the register: several minutes
- Local Registered Agent: No

- The minimum amount of declared capital: 1 GBP
- Minimum amount of issued capital: No
- Bearer shares are allowed: No
- Possibility to issue shares without par value: No

- VAT: Yes
- Min. Income tax rate for legal entities. Persons: 23.00%
- Capital Gains Tax: No
- Exchange control: No
- Corporate income tax (details): 

If both partners are not residents of the UK, they do not pay taxes in this country but are subject to taxation in country of their registration.

For this reason, if you have the citizenship of a taxable country and the goal of opening a partnership is complete avoidance of taxation, we recommend purchasing the INCOGNITO package, which includes the provision of services of nominee partners. When purchasing ROST or ROST+ packages, this service is not provided. 

Director and Secretary

- Minimum number of directors: 1
- Requirement for residency of directors: No
- Directors are allowed to be legal entities: Yes
- The data is disclosed to the local agent: No
- Data is entered in the public register: No
- Requirement for the presence of a secretary: No
- Requirement for residence of secretary: No
- Secretary's qualification requirements: No
- The secretary is allowed to be a legal entity: No

Shareholder and Beneficiary

- Minimum number of shareholders: 2
- Data is entered in the public register: Yes
- Requirement for residence of shareholders: No
- Information about the beneficiary is disclosed: Yes
- The data is disclosed to the local agent: Yes
- Shareholders-legal entities are allowed: Yes



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