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Offshore Schemes

Before you buy an offshore company, you should clearly define the range of operations that will be conducted through it, and whether the country of registration is suitable for these purposes. In addition, the prestige of the company should be considered important.
This aspect is very important and manifests itself already at the time of opening accounts, especially in respectable offshore banks. Schemes that can be found in open sources do not guarantee you successful business development. They can be ineffective in terms of gaining benefits. Also they can disclose confidential data, or be completely inoperative.

Any business in the Internet is connected with acquiring (acceptance of credit card payments). All payments going through the Processing Centers, necessarily pass authorization in payment card systems, such as VISA or MasterCard. The implementation of established rules is tightly controlled. If these rules are not followed, payments between individual banks, and sometimes between entire regions are prohibited. Therefore, you can make payment not from all credit cards. This information should be taken into account when choosing a bank to open a merchant account. Based on these and many other reasons, the development of an elaborate offshore company scheme is an important condition both for minimizing taxes and personal security of owners.

Thus, the best offshore schemes are always individual and created for a specific business project. All you can find on the Internet and other open sources can give you only an approximate idea of ​​how it works. We offer services in creating individual, suitable for your business scheme. All you need is to contact us.


The Business owner is not determined.
Operational costs for servicing are not more than 1%.



  • BUSINESS OWNER - The owner of the business who manages the company's cash flows.
  • PARENT COMPANY IN BELIZE - Tax-exempt company for which a corporate bank account is opened.
  • ACCOUNT IN A EU BANK AND CORPORATE CARD - Corporate bank account for receiving funds from customers directly and from intermediaries (merchant accounts). It is possible to issue a corporate card (Visa/Mastercard) linked to this bank account, which will allow you to manage the company's funds without needing to transfer to local onshore banks.
  • MERCHANT ACCOUNT CARD PROCESSING ONLINE - A checking account opened with the intermediary company for receiving and sending payments through electronic payment systems and bank cards.
  • INTERNATIONAL SELLING WEBSITE - A site that sells the company's services or products using a merchant payment or bank invoices.
  • SERVER IN THE UK - Used to host the selling site. The server can be rented by the company after its opening. The initial hosting has to be registered for an individual person, because without existence of site it is impossible to open a bank account for the company.
  • DOMAIN REGISTRAR IN THE USA - It is paid by the business owner, because the domain can be registered only for an individual person. All data of the domain owner is hidden. In theory, you can register a domain for a company, but then you will need a corporate card/merchant/bank. However it is almost impossible to open a bank account without the existence of company's website.

  • OPERATING COMPANY OF YOUR LOCATION - A company that can have assets for operational needs required to work with local customers. These are costs such as advertising, call-center. Also, this company solves the problem of formal employment of employees who work with local clients. Operating company distributes funds to advertising and CALL-center affected the company's customers.
  • AGENCY CONTRACT - Parent company enters into an agency contract with an operating company. On the basis of this contract the operating company analyzes and manages business processes. On the basis of this agreement the operating company receives a percent rewards from the Parent Company.
  • CALL-CENTER - May be located in any country of the world, and then calls to local customers will come from a foreign company. It increases the confidentiality of callers. The numbers of local operators of your potential customers are used. It is most advantageous to use a third-party Call-center company, since this creates costs for the Operating Company, which allow you to lower profits, if any. In addition, the operating company itself can perform the function of the Call Center. It is most advantageous to use a third-party Call-center company, because it creates added costs for the Operating Company. It allows you to reduce profits if you make any profits. In addition, the operating company can act as the Call Center.
  • PR AGENCY - As well as Call-center may be located in any country of the world, including the country of potential customers and the operating company.
  • CLIENTS OF YOUR COMPANY - Clients can be attracted both online and offline (consultations in the office), final payments are made by invoices to the requisites of the foreign company. 


The procedure for opening any offshore company involves a series of sequential actions. In general, they can be combined into three main stages.

Step 1: Getting a qualified consultation.

At first consultation the customer presents his business model. Our consultants present possible options for implementing the project. Primary hour consultation is free.

Step 2: Documents. 

At this stage, you provide comprehensive information on the legal, tax, payment and IT components which is necessary for creating an offshore company under the jurisdiction legislation. Having all the data, the company sends them to the registration agent. The price ranges from two to twenty-five thousand dollars. It depends on the complexity of the scheme. Terms are from one to three weeks.

Step 3: Implementation of the offshore company project.

• Registration of legal entities

• Obtaining the necessary licenses

• Opening accounts in offshore banks

• Development and support of contracts

• Connection to payment systems

• Trademark registration

• Protection of intellectual property

• Other necessary actions to start a business

The price ranges from five thousand euros for standard trading schemes to several million for the opening of large international corporations. Regardless of the complexity, we are ready to assume all the obligations to implement your project.


Please fill in and send us this contact form. Write brief information about the planned business and services to get initial free consultation.


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