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The citizenship of Romania is a great opportunity to become a resident of Europe. Currently moment, Romania is a full member of the European Union and enjoys all the advantages and benefits arising from this.

We offer the most inexpensive, the fastest option to obtain EU citizenship, or rather the citizenship of Romania.
The easiest way to get EU citizenship without knowing the language! Contact us to get consultation.


Foreign persons wishing to obtain Romanian citizenship follow the citizenship law № 21 of 1991 (with later amendments.): «former citizens of Romania who have lost Romanian citizenship until December 22, 1989 for reasons beyond their control or whose citizenship was revoked without their consent , also as their descendants to second generation can restore or obtain citizenship of Romania as a result of the application, keeping their residence in the country or abroad».

The «Red Motion Inc» company makes the maximal commitments in the procedure of application for European citizenship as quickly as possible.


Free of charge testing of required documents by the specialist of our company:

Identity document and passport, birth certificate of the applicant

birth certificate and marriage certificate of the parents

birth certificate and marriage certificate of the grandparents on one side

certificate of criminal record issued at the place of residence

power of attorney to the lawyer of our company applications.

Result: The conclusion of a contract with the company on the provision of professional services for the obtaining of Romanian citizenship.

Collating of applicant's dossier according to the current requirements of Romanian migration legislation and submission of dossier to Ministry of Justice.

Having agreed the date of departure to Romania and having received the visa, applicant accompanied by a lawyer of the company arrives in Romanian city Bucharest for registration of the applicant's dossier. Documents from the applicant accepted by the Ministry of Justice guarantee 100% acquisition of citizenship, according to art. 11 of Citizenship Law and art. 7 of The Romanian Constitution.

Result: obtaining a unique registration number — DOSAR.

Waiting for a decision on the granting of citizenship .

After several months of waiting, the case number with the surname of the applicant is placed on the public list of attribution of Romanian citizenship. The notification of the invitation to take the oath will be sent to the applicant on email and home address at the place of registration of residence. The applicant, prepared in advance by our experts, having arrived on the appointed day, successfully passes the procedure of taking the oath of dedication to the Romanian people.

Result: Ceremonial award of “Certificate of citizenship of Romania”.


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