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Registration of unregulated Forex broker

Rostpartner provides a full range of services for both beginners and already proven on the forex broker market. The complex of our services includes preparation of documents, company registration, opening of bank accounts, merchant account connection, provision of nominal service, legal support, consulting on site creation, preparing for an interview with a bank representative etc.

Rostpartner is one of the few international consulting companies that provides services for registration of unregulated forex broker. A large number of companies are open with our help in the fin-tech sphere. We also have a large list of partners in the field of gambling/forex and binary options.

For $2500 you get:

- Certificate оf Incorporation
- Resolution of Subscriber To Appoint First Director(s)
- Memorandum and Articles of Association
- Apostilled set of documents (an apostilled set of documents included the documents listed above)
- Letter of Acceptance
- Register of Members
- Register of Directors and Officers
- Resolution of Director(s) to Issue Share(s)
- Share Certificate
- Resolution of Director(s) to Adopt Company’s Documents Storage Addresses
- Resolution of Director(s) to Adopt Company’s Registered Agent and Registered Office
- Company Seal

Company with nominee service
Documents provided in addition to the main package

- Declaration of Trust for Shareholders
- Resolution of Director(s) to Issue Power of Attorney
- Power of Attorney under apostille 

- Customer Agreement
- Partnership Agreement
- Regulation of Payment Transactions
- Trading Regulations

We provide consulting services for the creation of site to make the loyalty of banks higher when opening an account.
According to statistics, the probability of banks' refusal in opening an account due to non-compliance of the site with certain requirements reaches 80%.

We create a basic model, an offshore scheme necessary for doing business, providing services to your customers and working with partner companies. The main calculations of costs, revenues and profitability can be seen through the business models created by us.
This is your uniqueness that reflects your competitive advantage

We prepare our clients for an interview with representatives of banks and fill in the bank forms for you to reduce the probability of refusal to open a corporate bank account.

The legal address is necessary to receive correspondence, to be presented on the website, in company documents, contracts, etc.

ISO Sertification

We provide services in obtaining an ISO certificate for your company. This document is an alternative to a financial license. The certificate guarantees a high degree of safety and quality characteristics of products as well as increases the confidence of customers and financial counterparties.

Obtain ISO certificate in special price - $499!


1. Company registration.

Registration of a company with the possibility to provide nominee services in the jurisdiction chosen by you.

2. Company image creation.

At this stage, we provide consulting services for profiling of the company's activities, as well as for the creation of site.

3. Document submission.

At this stage, a full package of legal documents is filed in order to obtain the opportunity to conduct business as a forex broker.
- Customer Agreement
- Partnership Agreement
- Regulation of Payment Transactions
- Trading Regulations

4. Opening an account in the bank.

The final stage of the company's registration is the opening of a corporate bank account in one of the most reliable banks in the world.


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